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About us

We think clothes should be comfortable. The Don Comodo name comes from the English word "don" which means put on (wear) and the Italian word "comodo" which means comfortable. You should wear something comfortable (Don Comodo).

In our experience, the design of the clothes also matter. If you wear something that looks good on you, you feel confident. That's why we want to sell clothes that look good and feel good. 

Hannes JohnsonMy name is Hannes Johnson and I'm the founder of Don Comodo. I really like T-shirts, you could even say that I'm a collector. I have hundreds of T-shirts, so I have tried a lot of different types of shirts. Some are too tight, some are too loose, but some are just right :) Of all the different T-shirt manufactures I've tried, American Apparel consistently delivers shirts that are comfortable to wear and survive several washes.

The American Apparel shirts are made in California, USA and this is what says on the label of their shirts: 

This T-shirt was sewn by 9 people in a sweatshop-free environment in Downtown LA, where they are paid fair wages and have access to healthcare and benefits. 

That's why we have chosen to use American Apparel for the Don Comodo T-shirts. 


We take security seriously and that's why we're using Shopify (one of the leading ecommerce solutions) to run our website. They comply with the highest level of PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.

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We use PayPal to process payments. All transactions are secure and encrypted. Shopping with Don Comodo is as secure as it gets. 

Want to say hi? 

Do you have any thoughts? Feedback? Comments? Suggestions? Just want to say hello? We would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also accept emails, but our fax machine is broken and we're waiting for the repairman.